Monday, 25 March 2013

Great Watching Chamber

The Great Watching Chamber is built in connection with the Great Hall. This is were the Royal Guards would stand guard and watch over the royal family. It was one of the original state rooms built by Henry VIII who used it to entertain those of his guests that had the rank of baron or more.

It is the ceiling of the Great Watching Chamber that makes it stand out. It is covered with gold leaf and still has Jane Seymour's badge on it. This room has also been decorated with Henry VIII's surviving tapestries - just like the Great Hall. Most of this room remains the same as it was when Henry VIII lived there except for the fireplace which has been replaced later.
It was in this very room that the announcement of Katherine Howard's adultery was made which would eventually send another wife of Henry VIII to the scaffold.

The famed ceiling of the Great Watching Chamber

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