Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Untimely Play, Madam

A romantic depiction of the Scottish
Queen playing golf
Mary, Queen of Scots was definitely a cause for many scandals in her time but there was one incident that not even her own supports could overlook. The thing was that Mary loved to play golf (and is generally believed to be the first woman in Scotland to do so) which seems harmless enough. She was taught the game during her time in France as Dauphine to the French throne and took it with her back to Scotland after her first husband's death - perhaps it had already arrived as a form of entertainment but sources are unclear on this. So where's the scandal?
When Mary's husband Lord Darnley was murdered in 1567 it was expected of the grieving widow that a proper amount of time would be spent in mourning. However, Mary went out and played her beloved golf just days after the murder! Even the Catholic church - which had so far supported Mary in everything - was outraged.
The "foul play" took place at Seton House; it is likely that it was here Mary lost to one of her ladies-in-waiting, Mary Seton. As a reward Mary gave her namesake a necklace which still survives to this day.

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