Saturday, 31 August 2013

Elizabeth I at Windsor Castle

Elizabeth I's ghost is one of the many ghosts reportedly found at Windsor Castle. The legendary Queen appears in the Royal Library where she has been seen by several members of the English Royal Family. Edward VII once told his mistress that he had seen a ghost looking remarkably much like the portraits of Elizabeth I. George III (his madness put aside) once said that he had had a conversation with a woman who had told him that she was "married to England" - and wearing black. Whenever Elizabeth I appears at Windsor she always wears a black gown with equally black lace. Even George VI (Elizabeth II's father) said that he saw her just before the outbreak of the Second World War - perhaps she was returning to protect her country once again?

Her high heels echoes from the wooden floors as she makes her way through the library into an inner room. One of these sightings were reported by the Grenadier Lieutenant Glynn who was reading in the library when he heard that sound of high heels clacking on the floor. When he looked about he saw the manifestation of Elizabeth I and when she disappeared into the inner chamber (where there is just one entrance) he followed. However, when he entered the inner chamber she disappeared completely.  Also, her ghost has been seen at the window of Dean's Cloister - strangely enough Anne Boleyn has been seen standing in the window of that same cloister!

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