Saturday, 9 February 2013

French Hood

This headdress was introduced to the English court by Anne Boleyn on her arrival back from France. Her rising popularity meant that the fashion became popular with the English ladies. When wearing this headdress a lady's hair was always visible. The French hood has these features:

  • Coif: a piece of linen that was either tied under the chin or pinned onto the hair itself. Before the 1520's it was fashionable to wear red linen under a French hood.
  • Crepine: head covering that could be pleaded. Often made out of fine linen or silk 
  • Paste: would be worn over the coif or crepine. It was in to place several layers in different colour on top of each other.
  • Veil: covered the hair completely and fell from the hood itself. It was always black and either made from silk or cotton. 
  • Billaments: were the decorative edge of the hood. It was common to use fabrics like satin and velvet, but gemstones, pearls or gold work was also common as a decorative elements.
  • Cornet or Bongrace: was an accessory used to shade the wearer's eyes from the sun.
So there you have it; a hood à la francaise! 

Anne Boleyn wearing her signature French hood

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