Saturday, 9 February 2013

The Haunted Gallery

Hampton Court Palace is rumoured to house a number of ghosts but one story in particular has been so remarked that an entire gallery now goes under the name "the Haunted Gallery". It is the ghost of Katherine Howard that is said to be haunting the gallery, reliving a terrible day for almost five hundred years ago.

Katherine Howard - the fifth wife of Henry VIII - and was in 1541 put under house arrest for charges of adultery. When Katherine was told of her husband had placed her under house arrest she went into a panic. Running past her guards Katherine managed to reach what is now the Haunted Gallery where she saw her husband. She screamed out to him but he turned away and walked out. The guards caught her and dragged her screaming down the gallery. Not long after this episode the young Katherine Howard was beheaded.

Ever since then visitors of the castle have experienced strange things when walking through the gallery. Many have heard and seen a woman running screaming down the corridor. Two female visitors fainted at the same spot, on the same day with just hours between - the women did not know each other beforehand.

the Haunted Gallery

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