Sunday, 24 March 2013

Cream Coloured King

Richard Burton wears this attire as Henry VIII in "Anne of the Thousand Days". The jerkin underneath is made from a silk mix in a lovely red shape. It is sewn with gold thread and the embroideries are decorated with stones that is to imitate sapphires, pearls and rubies.
The cream robe is made of cotton and is also sewn with golden thread. The lining is made of cream coloured silk and has been applied with amber looking material. The edge of the robe is decorated with small circles of a darker colour.

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  1. Richard Burton wears the costume so well. The costumes won an Oscar for Anne of the thousand days and I can see why. I love that film. Your site is really well done. I would like to put it on my links page. I won't do it unless you say it's okay. Have a look at mine and let me know. Link: