Monday, 18 March 2013

Silver Gown

In "Elizabeth: the Golden Age" we see Cate Blanchett deliver an amazing performance as Elizabeth I dressed by Alexandra Byrne.
This particular dress is worn towards the end of the movie when Elizabeth holds the child of her lady-in-waiting, "Bess" Throckmorton and Walter Raleigh.
As can be seen on the pictures to the left, the dress is of a silver/grey tone. The bodice is embroidered with silver thread and the pattern continues all the way down to the very hem of the dress. At the back, a robe is fastened - it is made of a sheer, grey fabric that adds volume to the Queen's silhouette.

The bodice is lined with a ruff (of course, it is Elizabeth) of very fine, white lace - you can see what looks like silver thread in the ruff as well. The bodice's edge is not lined with jewels due to the large necklace and the continuing pattern. The headdress is remarkable "simple" consisting only of a few pale grey feathers - the size of the wig is notably large as well.

If you look really close at the gown itself you will find that the dove-coloured satin has been covered with a sort of discreet "netting" - it adds substance to the gown and prevents it from looking too flat.

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