Monday, 25 March 2013

Royal Mary

Daphne Slater portrays Mary 1 in "Elizabeth R" and here we see the Queen in all her glory. She is wearing a heavy ermine robe of red velvet and golden embroideries (you can just spot them to the right in the picture).The main fabric is either black or another dark colour - perhaps royal purple? The petticoat is made of golden embroideries on a black background. The dress is decorated with  a "belt" around her waist in gold and precious stones. But the main focus is the huge brooch at the top of the bodice. It appears to be gold with a gemstone in the middle and a pearl hanging beneath it. This particular gown is a high necked Tudor dress which simply means that the bodice closes at the neck instead of the square low-cut bodice often seen in other portraits. At the neck, she is wearing a ruff and another necklace underneath it. The hand that is barely in clear view reveals a sleeve that ends with laces with golden embroideries to connect the sleeve with the white lace.

This dress is inspired by one of the most famous portraits of Mary 1 and is almost a true replica of it.

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