Monday, 4 March 2013

Mary, Queen of Scots - a ghost

It is commonly believed that people becomes ghosts after their death if they had experienced something that would keep them here on earth - like an execution. Therefore it is not strange that Mary, Queen of Scots should also return as a ghost long after her execution.

Mary - as the prisoner of Elizabeth I - was moved around between different grand houses. But apparently she did not enjoy all of her grand "prisons". While she stayed at Tutbury Castle, things were suddenly getting a lot worse for the Scottish Queen. As the net tightened on her she was denied the luxuries of walking in the park and even sitting in an especially comfortable chair. Mary probably knew that her fate was sealed when she was eventually moved to Fotheringhay Castle. Perhaps her anxious months left a mark on these two places: these are the castles in which the ghost of the doomed Queen has been seen.

At Tutbury Castle many visitors have seen her ghost wearing a white gown - the number of witnesses is very unusual in cases of "ghost sightings". In another incident - still at Tutbury Castle - she has been seen walking across the grass - this time wearing a black dress.

After her terrible execution, Fotheringhay Castle was no longer inhabited. The original wooden staircase was built into what is now Talbot Hotel. It was this very staircase that Mary walked down on the day of her execution - it is also here that her ghost has been seen most at her last location.

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