Saturday, 2 March 2013

Royal Insult!

Henry II of France
When Mary I declared war on Henry II's France in 1557 the message barely reached the French King. Mary had been persuaded by her husband that their two countries of England and Spain should join in an attack on France - and Mary was ready to help her husband.
But when her herald arrived at the French court with the important message, he was blown off! Despite knowing that the English Queen had a herald waiting with a message, Henry II chose to go hunting - for two days! When the French King finally headed back to the palace and granted the English herald and audience he would not accept the message of war and interrupted the herald.
It was unthinkable that a woman should declare war on him!

There is no doubt that the incident - not unnoticed by the many courtiers - was a great insult to the English Queen. By refusing to take the declaration of war seriously, Henry II also public showed that he had no respect for the female ruler of England.

Mary I

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