Thursday, 9 May 2013

Magnificent Teal, Colourful Coral

This dress is probably one of the most recognisable dresses from "Elizabeth"(1998) and was designed by Alexandra Byrne. The dress is based on a regular Tudor-gown but there has been added a little extra to the dress in the shape of the large coral shawl. The shawl has been sewn onto the left shoulder and at the seam of the bodice and the skirt to make it fall in a graceful curve. At the left shoulder it has been fastened with a large rosette which has been pleated several times to create drapery.
Strangely enough the gown does not show off the petticoat but is completely closed at the front - probably to keep the focus on the bright-coloured shawl. At the back the skirt has been pleated onto the bodice as well to add volume.
The teal silk sleeves gives way to a wide opening of teal fabric with dark, slim lines. The sleeve that appears from underneath these layers are beige and is decorated with pink and green flowers. White fabric has been laid in under the bodice (at the neckline) - dark green stitches forms a floral pattern all across the neckline. 

The bodice is made of teal velvet while the skirt is entirely made of silk. As it can be seen in the top picture the sleeve opening is made of a completely different fabric than the main sleeves - it looks as if the striped fabric is sort of tulle.

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