Thursday, 9 May 2013

Taupe and Gold

This gown was worn by Anne Stallybrass as Jane Seymour in "Henry VIII and His Six Wives" from 1970. The main colour of the gown is a light beige that has been used for most of the bodice, the outer part of the skirt and the sleeves. The most elaborate fabric is the very pale Bordeaux-ish colour embroidered with large amounts of gold thread. The kirtle has been adorned with golden beads to match the embroideries. The bodice has received its part of jewellery as well: a large brooch with three drop-pearls hanging from a golden base.
A ribbon (beige, with a different pattern) has been used to trim the dress at pretty much all the edges: the neckline, the shoulders and the skirt. The wavy white parts of the sleeves are also seen on the most famous painting of the actual Jane Seymour.
From a distance it looks as if the neckline has been topped with embroideries but at a closer look it is actually pearls and emeralds that has been used. The same precious stones has been used for the necklace and the pendant.

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