Thursday, 9 May 2013

Soft Lavender

A young princess Elizabeth is portrayed by Lalla Ward in "the Prince and the Pauper" from 1977. It is rare to see such a soft lavender that has an almost metallic shine at the bodice. The sleeves has not been brimmed up but still reveals voluminous sleeves from her chemise. The wrists has been adorned with jewels - most likely pearls to match the neckline. The petticoat is based on the same colour as the rest of the gown but has been decorated with golden streaks.
The princess is wearing a necklace but the pendant is hidden by the bodice. However, the stones appears to be amethysts since they match so perfectly with the gown's colour.

The gown is topped with a beautiful French hood - once again it matches the gown. The hood is decorated with precious stones of a purple colour and golden embroideries. Notice the golden fabric just peeping put from under the hood.

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