Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Princess' Pearls

Pearls were the favourite accessory of Elizabeth I - a fondness that apparently started early as we can see on this painting of Elizabeth while she was still a princess.

The largest brooch at the edge of her bodice has a golden base with what appears to be an onyx in a cross cut-out. Three large drop-pearls hangs down from the three lowest edges of the square. The smaller pendant has a ruby and an onyx on a golden base - notice how the ruby matches the gown and the hood.
Just beneath this pendant another three large pearls hangs but these are much closer together than those at the larger brooch. The ouches of the bodice hem (also of a golden base) matches the black onyx stones. Keeping it all together is a long necklace of pure pearls.

This is a replica of the minor pendant - in this
replica there is a diamond imitation instead of an
onyx (can be bought at:

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