Wednesday, 5 June 2013

An Early Memory

Even though this cross may not have a direct connection to a specific Tudor, it has witnessed the start of it all: the Battle of Bosworth Field. It was found as late as 1778 on Bosworth Field itself. The cross is made of gilded bronze and has been decorated with a "sunburst symbol" which was a badge of the York-family - this makes it quite possible that it was carried by Richard's supporters. The four circles bears the symbols of the four Evangelists: an eagle (St. John), a winged man (St. Matthew), the winged lion (St. Mark) and the winged ox (St. Luke).
The cross was found alongside the remains of a wooden shaft which indicates that it has been carried on procession - it must have been lost or forgotten since it was still at Bosworth Field three hundred years after the battle itself.

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