Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Faded Peach

Elizabeth I is portrayed by Helen Mirren in "Elizabeth I" from 2005 in this gown. The gown seems remarkably simple compared to what Elizabeth wore (not just in reality but also throughout this movie) but when you take a closer look, the luxury is definitely there. The main fabric is a faded peach-coloured velvet; on the skirt layers of golden transparent fabric has been added to give the dress a glittering effect. The petticoat is decorated with a floral pattern in soft green and beige on a cream background - it stand out compared to the simpleness of the peach-coloured fabric but with a certain elegance. Every edge has been trimmed with a light golden ribbon of satin which has been embroidered at the sleeves and sewn with buttons at the bodice. 
Across the bodice golden gemstones or glass pearls adds a glimpse of the extravagance the real Elizabeth loved so much. The upper part of the gown actually resembles a riding habit with the slightly puffed shoulders and the collar that is buttoned until the neck - hereby replacing the more common neckline. The lining of the gown is carefully embroidered as well with a golden tone On one side the flap is fastened with an impressive brooch shaped as a golden star  with a huge pearl hanging from the body of the brooch.

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