Monday, 3 June 2013

Silver Meeting

Though Katherine Howard is normally associated with bright, feminine colours, this one is more subtle. Tamzin Merchant wears it as Katherine Howard on "the Tudors". The skirt and the petticoat are both rather simple (the petticoat being sewn with silver thread) but the main focus is definitely on the bodice. Even the sleeves are completely without any decorations. But let's take a closer look at that bodice. A beautiful mixture of embroiderings with thread and pearls makes the motive literally stand out from the otherwise completely flat form of the bodice. Frills of ivory pearls hangs from the bodice and drops down in front of the very top of the skirt. The white pearls are used on the bodice alone - probably to add some change to the usage of golden/beige thread. It is worth noticing that the bodice is made of velvet while the skirt is made of satin.
Close-up of the bodice

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