Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Faded Reds

Another gown worn by Daphne Slater as Mary I in "Elizabeth R". The cut is similar to the previous coronation gown but the colours are far brighter adn more cheerful. The faded and the dark red fabric is velvet whereas the sleeves are made from of damask with golden emblems on a dark (purple?) background - notice that the dark fabric is replaced by the same faded red at the very edge of the sleeves. The same damask fabric has been used for the petticoat. The white linen shirt underneath peaks out as half-circles at the sleeves and at the thin neckline. The waistline is highlighted by two strings of white peals that continues all the way down to the hem of the gown.
The large pendant is definitely a symbol of wealth with its large diamond surrounded by a golden circle and a large drop-pearl.

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