Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A child for the Virgin Queen?

One of the many rumours that surrounded Elizabeth I after her reign - and to some extent still does - is that she had a child. The rumour goes on to state that the Earl of Essex may actually have been the Queen's own son!

But is it true?

As with most rumours this one is false. Queen Elizabeth never had a son - or a daughter - and if we take a look at her life it will explain why.
First of all, the Queen was constantly surrounded by courtiers and servants. There is absolutely no way that she could have had a child without anyone noticing it - after all a huge belly would eventually give her away. Besides the Queen could not spent much time alone, let alone nine whole months!
Secondly, Queen Elizabeth was very protective of her throne and she knew that if she had a child she would have lost it - along with her people's affection. For a woman who went through so many difficult steps to the throne would give it all away for a child.
And there are no evidences today that the Queen bore any children which is mainly a rumour that has been created to put the Queen's virginity into question.

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