Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Same Names!

Some names were extremely popular during the Tudor era which mean that many of the courtiers were named the same - quite confusing at times! If we take a look at the female and male names that was extremely fashionable among the nobility. Often the aristocracy would name their children after the reigning King or Queen as a tribute to the monarch - though it seems a bit cliché it worked. As always, ladies first:

Names for Women:

Elizabeth of York, Elizabeth Woodville, Elizabeth I, Elizabeth Trockmorton,


Mary Tudor (Queen of France/Duchess of Suffolk), Mary I, Mary - Queen of Scots, Mary Sidney, Mary Boleyn, Mary Howard, Mary Grey


Catherine of Aragon, Katherine Howard, Catherine Parr, Catherine Grey, Catherine Willoughby, Katherine Ashley,


Jane Seymour, Jane Grey, Jane Parker,


Anne Boleyn, Anne Askew, Anne Stanhope, Anne of Cleves,


Margaret Beauford, Margaret Salisbury, Margaret Tudor, Margaret Douglas, Margaret More

Names for Men:


Henry VII, Henry VIII, Henry Brandon, Henry Carey, Henry Fitzroy, Henry Howard, Henry Grey, Henry Percy, Henry Sidney, Henry Stafford


Edward VI, Edward Seymour, Edward Stafford, Edward Courtenay, 


Thomas Boleyn, Thomas Cromwell, Thomas Cranmer, Thomas Culpepper, Thomas Howard, Thomas More, Thomas Seymour, Thomas Wolsey, Thomas Tallis, Thomas Wyatt


John Dee, John Dudley, John Fisher, John Cheke, John Foxe, John Seymour, John Roger, John de la Pole, John Knox, John Hooper,


William Cecil, William Tyndale, William Warham, William Parr, William Butts, William Shakespeare,


Richard Rich, Richard de la Pole, Richard Topcliffe,


Robert Dudley, Robert Devereux, Robert Cecil, Robert Kert 

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