Monday, 18 February 2013

Lost Children of Catherine of Aragon

Catherine of Aragon gave birth to a good deal of children during her marriage to Henry VIII but only Mary I would survive - something that would eventually lead to Catherine's dethronement. But how many children did Catherine give birth to? Where there really no boys among them?

The answer to the last question is a definite "no" - Catherine gave birth to a number of sons but sadly none of them survived their infancy. These were the children of Catherine:

  • Catherine gave birth to a stillborn daughter on January 31 1510 - the girl died the same day
  • The son Henry wanted was born on January 1 1511 and was immediately named Henry and made Duke of Cornwall - he died on February 23 that same year
  • Another son was born in October/November 1513 but he died before he was named 
  • Henry, (another) Duke of Cornwell was born in 1514 in December but died within the month
  • Catherine finally gave birth to a child that would survive but the child was a girl: Mary. She was born on February 18 1516
  • Catherine's last child was a stillborn girl born on November 10 1518 
As the years show, Catherine was pregnant almost constantly from 1510-1518. After this period she did not conceive again and as nature has it, she eventually entered menopause. How unfair and painful it must have been for Catherine to listen to Henry and his councillors complaining that she never was able to produce an heir, while she had not only been through labour pains but the pain of losing the child as well - several times. 

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