Monday, 11 February 2013

Ghost of Catherine Parr

Catherine Parr died tragically after giving birth to her only child - a girl with the name of Mary. Catherine's ghost has been seen at two different locations: Snape Castle and Sudeley Castle.

At Snape Castle, Catherine's ghost is said to take the form of a young girl with long blond hair and wearing a Tudor gown. As her second husband used Snape Castle as the family's main residence, so Catherine must have spent a large amount of her married life here. When Catherine's ghost appears at Snape Castle it is said to be a happy spirit.

Snape Castle
However, the ghost of Catherine Parr at Sudeley Castle is of a completely different mood than the ghost of Snape Castle. Catherine's ghost has been seen roaming the castle that used to be home for Catherine and her last husband, Thomas Seymour. Allegedly, Catherine's ghost is wearing a green gown and appears to be searching for something - people have guessed that it might be her daughter who vanished from history when she was two years old.
But Catherine have been spotted on different occasions at Sudeley Castle. The maid, Margaret Parker, had reported that while working in the castle she has seen a tall, beautiful woman - again wearing green - looking out of a window. At first she thought that she had mistaken an artist, also working in the castle that same day for a ghost. But it turned out that the artist was no where near the place where the ghost was spotted. Margaret Parker herself believes that she saw the ghost of Catherine Parr. Unlike Catherine's ghost at Snape Castle there is a more melancholic feeling attached to the ghost at Sudeley Castle.

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