Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Boleyn Cup & Table Fountain

The Boleyn Cup belonged to Anne Boleyn herself and carries Anne's falcon (with it's crown) placed on a tree stump. The cup was made out of silver and gilt. After being in Anne's possession it actually went on to her daughter, Elizabeth I, which is special when you consider how few of her disgraced mother's possessions Elizabeth received. Elizabeth gave it as a gift to her physician, who decided to give it to the church. Today, the cup is still in the possession of the church and can be seen at St. John the Baptist Parish Church in Gloucestershire.

The drawing is of a table fountain designed by Hans Holbein and was designated as a New Year's present to Henry VIII from Anne Boleyn in 1534. Her falcon is engraved into the fountain - one can only imagine what Henry did with it after Anne's execution.

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